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How many horizons can a person have? Some are a physical part of one’s life and others are horizons that connect through identity, travel, memories or ideas. In the series “Life Lines” Neta creates links between impossible horizons.

Thread of Gold

​​חוט של זהב

Father and daughter Exhibition

A joint exhibition with Dad:

Michael Elkayam, Judaica artist




Examination of the woman as 'pioneer' and the metaphysical circle  she breast-and gives life, but also takes them with her own hands in various ways.





Mixed media on wood 2007

Series of paintings based on photographs from the 50th that were taken from Family Album.



Acrylic on wood 2007

familiar faces in amorphous situations between life and death, health and illness, laughter and crying.

Annette & Sammar

אנט וסמר

Acrylic on wood 2009

Cultural and spiritual search of alternative figure appearances in other lifetimes


Memorial Napkins

מפיות אזכרה

Ink on food napkins 2004



Bar Mitzva Boy & Shomrot

נובלה גרפית על נער בר מצווה  2007 | שומרות 2010

Ink on Paper

Abuhatzira 7

אבוחצירא 7

Mixed technique on old pieces of furniture and sound 2005

"Now, after everyone had gone, I made a small resurrection
let them know I'd heard their voices in my childhood even though we had not met ... "


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